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In the anodizing process, the profiles after mechanical polishing – specific method of the TAFE – are placed backstage.

The process is in taken by alkaline defat, followed by washing. The profiles with industrial finishing are immersed in the bath of sodium hydroxide, in order to remove contaminants and reduce any imperfections (pickling), followed by washing.

The profiles from the mechanical acetinage or that are for chemical acetinage are dipped in the acetinage, followed by washing. Once the anodization is effected in acidic medium and the anterior phases are alkaline, the following is neutralization and subsequently a wash.
In anodizing is created an oxide layer, whose objective is the protection of aluminum.

Before the electrolytic/organic staining, a new wash is made to give color to aluminum, based on tin in acidic medium or with organic dyes.

Finally, after the last wash, the colmatage is performed with the aim of closing the pores formed in the anodizing phase.

TAFE has unique equipment for surface preparation to be anodising that guarantees
an absolutely unique finish.

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